Family of 4

Family of 4

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Egg Countdown... An Easter Tradition

Well, I posted a little bit about our Easter countdown yesterday, but thought some of you might like to make your own and thought it would be good to share a few more details.

We used The Jesus Storybook Bible as a continuation of our Jesse Tree Advent calendar that we use at Christmas. There are a total of 16 stories from the birth of Christ (where we stopped at Christmas) to the resurrection of Christ.  So, naturally, I glued 16 Easter eggs in the bottom of a basket and then filled each egg with some little piece of the stories they represented.

Here's my list:

1.  "Heaven Breaks Through" - the story about John the Baptist
     - inside our egg: plastic grasshopper (from a set of toy bugs that we already had)

2.  "Let's Go!" - This story starts off with Jesus in the desert and finishes with Jesus calling Peter, Andrew, James, and John out of their boats to be "fishers of men"
     - inside our egg: tiny fishing net with fish inside (ordered from a dollhouse supply company and then I glued some paper fish inside)

3.  "A Little Girl and a Poor Frail Lady" - The story of Jarius's daughter and the lady that touched Jesus's clothes for healing, from Luke 8
     - inside our egg:  Jesus's robe/clothes (I made these out of felt and hot glue)

4.  "How to Pray" - about the Lord's prayer
     - inside our egg:  a little praying child (ordered from a dollhouse supply company)

5.  "The Singer" - The Sermon on the Mount
     - inside our egg:  a fabric flower and a little blue bird (The flower was a little random tidbit we had lying around and the bird is a little glass bead from my jewelry making days, it was ordered from oriental trading long, long ago)

6.  "The Captain of the Storm" - Jesus calms the storm
     - inside our egg:  a little paper fishing boat  (a sticker bought from Michael's because I couldn't find anything else;  I glued it onto a piece of felt in hopes that it will hold up a little longer)

7.  "Filled Full!" - Feeding the 5,000
     - inside our egg:  a little fishing basket (a sticker that came with the sticker fishing boat mentioned above), two small glass bead fish (from my jewelry making days), and five various pieces of bread ( 2 crescent rolls, a donut, and 2 dinner rolls that came in a set of dollhouse items from Michael's; it was cheaper than ordering online and they were a good size)

8.  "Treasure Hunt!" - the parable of the hidden treasure
     - inside our egg:  a tiny treasure chest (ordered from a dollhouse supply company; this was a bit too small for my taste, but I wasn't about to send it back to the company... more about why below)

9.  "The Friend of Little Children" - Jesus and the children, found in Matthew 18 & 19
     - inside our egg:  a little plastic child (ordered from a dollhouse supply company)

10.  "The Man Who Didn't Have Any Friends (None)" - The story of Zacchaeus
     - inside our egg: a little bottle brush tree (ordered from a dollhouse supply company; I'm sure you can imagine the difficulty of finding a tiny Sycamore tree)

11.  "Running Away" - the parable of the prodigal son
     - inside our egg:  a small pig (purchased from Michael's in the miniatures section)

12.  "Washed With Tears" - a sinful woman anoints Jesus
     - inside our egg: a tiny perfume bottle (purchased from a dollhouse supply company)

13.  "The Servant King" - the last supper
     - inside our egg: a tiny bowl with a tiny bar of soap and a tiny wash cloth (purchased from a dollhouse supply company)

14.  "A Dark Night in the Garden" - the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus is arrested
     - inside our egg: a tiny pair of handcuffs (ordered from a dollhouse supply company)

15.  "The Sun Stops Shining" - the crucifixion
     - inside our egg: a tiny cross (ordered from a dollhouse supply company)

16.  "God's Wonderful Surprise" - the resurrection
     - inside our egg: nothing (the tomb was empty too!)

I glued some of the smallest items onto a piece of felt as to not lose or swallow them... 

I mentioned above that many things were ordered from a dollhouse supply company.  I would like to add that we DID NOT have a good experience with  We had to beg to get the things that we ordered... we paid at the time of order and then it took a couple of phone calls and two weeks just for it to ship.  We paid for priority shipping, which was not done... it's a very long frustrating story, but I would recommend using a different company for sure.  No apologies or compensation were given, the owner lied to my husband about a shipping date over the phone, and there were a LOT of excuses for the problems.  Anyway... it was the first that popped up when I googled, so just to spare you the trouble.  James is making a report to the BBB... it was that yucky.

I hope you enjoy the eggs if you decide to do them next year.  I truly hope this is something we can make a tradition and do each year with our children and then our grandchildren if we are so fortunate.  

Happy Easter!  

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